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Our Gold Dot’s first  Featured Femme is none other than LISSA KAHAYON. You all know her c’mon! Well,  I’ve first encountered Lissa Kahayon back in 2009 on . Aside from her hi street and savvy sartorial preferences punctuated by her edgy shoes , I’ve noticed her classic beauty. She’s a total babe!  Now she has joined the blogging bandwagon under   . She should’ve made one a long time ago but our girl has been so busy. I’m so happy that she is having a very happy life with her career in blogging right now ! I cannot wait to share with you my quick interview with her. - Karl Leuterio

KARL: MAX hours in heels? BE HONEST!

LISSA: Before, I can walk in them the WHOLE day but nowadays, I have to be practical. I do errands and go to different meetings so I make it a point to bring a pair of flats with me. Max hours in heels nowadays is 3-5 :) 

KARL: Any weird habit with shoes (smelling the leather before going to bed, keeping shoes in the boxes, cleaning soles after every use lol )-

LISSA : When I get home, I don’t place my shoes inside the cabinet right away. I read this in a magazine that one should wait for atleast 15-30 minutes before storing them in boxes or placing them inside the cabinet to get rid of bacteria. I also make it a point to place silica gels beside my shoes. 

KARL : WOW! That’s a really helpful tip and it makes sense..So, How many shoes do you own as of August 28, 2012 8 AM?

LISSA : I already lost count after 200. 

KARL: Imeldific!! Very Imeldific!! Say you’re gonna  design a shoe collab with GD, what would be its name? ..and most importantly what kind of shoes is it?

LISSA: I’m really into pumps right now so I’ll probably design a 5-6 inch pair of pointed platform white pumps with gold details & I’ll name it "Naked Truth" It fits my “hubadera" meets sophisticated taste in clothes! ;) 

K: HAHA.. I HOPE WE’LL DO THIS COLLAB SOON! Lemme ask, What’s yer first GD SHOES?

LISSA: Black pair of wedges, I still have them with me! :)

KARL: oh the CHELSEA Wedge! Do you have a favorite shoe mantra/ quote / philosophy?

LISSA:If the shoe fits, buy it in every color and THE HIGHER THE HEEL, THE BETTER I FEEL!!
KARL: AMEN!!!  What’s yer fave GD shoes?

LISSA:  My Drei wedges and the CHELSEA booties. Those are really unique pairs! 

KARL: aww that’s so sweet. We really make it a point to make each pair unique.. Lissa, If tomorrow’s the end of the world, what shoes are you gonna wear? and why?

I’d love to wear a pair of Alexander Mcqueen heels. They’re the right amount of weird and classy. 

KARL:  Any funny experience with shoes youd like to share>

LISSA: I was in the mall and my right heel broke so I decided to tweet my shoe mishap and a shoe brand tweeted me that I can go to her store and pick up any pair I like. It’s more of cute rather than funny actually! 

KARL: WOW. I wish I have a shoe-per hero and speaking of heroes ,  Imagine you’re a SHOE-per hero and you use shoes as a weapon. How will it work to fight the evil guys

LISSA: My shoes should have trackers and instant transporters to the evil guys, must enable me to fly/run at the speed of light and can probably double as a gun!

KARL: COOL! I’ll beat that weapon. Must think of something first. Thanks Lissa and MORE SHOE-PER POWERS FOR YOU.

Next week, we will feature another GOLD DOT- loving   femme super star! See you!
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